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I have used this type of section on other web sites many times. Recently, I was searching for some information, and found a web site that was unusual in that it was both very helpful, yet seemed obscure (to me, at least), in that I had not stumbled on it before. That spurred me to go ahead and add a page to this site to help others find what I found.

While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and throw in links to some of the places I go to regularly for help.

Allen Browne's Tips for Microsoft Access
Tony's Microsoft Access Tips
Tips and Techniques From FMS
ACG Soft MS Access Tips & Code
EveryThingAccess.com - website of software developer Wayne Phillips

I have been enjoying the use of Wayne's code to disable mouse scroll wheel
in Access 2003 - it has proven to be easy to use, fast to put in, and has been working well for me.

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