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I seem to run into things from time to time that I want to share with the world, usually things that I had to find out the hard way. Sometimes it will just be something that I had to dig for, and want to make more readily accessible. This page is intended to make life a little easier for other programmers. If it meets your need, then that's what it's here for.

Change Title Of ADP Programmatically (using code)
Here is a function to change the title of an ADP in MS Access. It was written in MS Access 2000, and also seems to run in MS Access 2003. When I did the research on this issue, I found examples of how to change the title on an MDB, but not much on how to change it for an ADP. I ended up having to figure it out by trial and error. Maybe you won't have to.
'this is the working version -BWM 09-29-06
'corrected a problem with zero-length title -BWM 10-06-06
Sub ChgADPTitle(vNewTitle)

 Const conPropNotFoundError = 2455
 Dim strCurrentTitle As String

 On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
 'Debug.Print CurrentProject.Properties("AppTitle")
 strCurrentTitle = CurrentProject.Properties("AppTitle") 'retrieve or gen error -BWM 09-29-06
 If Len(Trim(strCurrentTitle)) > 0 Or Len(Trim(strCurrentTitle)) = 0 Then
  CurrentProject.Properties.Remove "AppTitle"
  CurrentProject.Properties.Add "AppTitle", vNewTitle
 End If
 Application.RefreshTitleBar 'make sure that it shows up immediately
 Exit Sub

 If Err.Number = conPropNotFoundError Then
  CurrentProject.Properties.Add "AppTitle", vNewTitle
  MsgBox "Error #" & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
 End If
 Resume Next
End Sub

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