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I seem to run into things from time to time that I want to share with the world, usually things that I had to find out the hard way. Sometimes it will just be something that I had to dig for, and want to make more readily accessible. This page is intended to make life a little easier for other programmers. If it meets your need, then that's what it's here for.

Turn Startup Form Off Programatically In MS Access Project

And what did I do after enumerating MS Access Project Properties? Well after I found out the exact name of the property that I wanted to set, I wrote the code to set it programmatically. We needed to be able to turn off the main menu temporarily while preparing a new version. We call the following code to turn the main menu off while setting links and references, then, just before actually publishing the new MS Access project (or database), we call the same code with parameters to turn the startup menu back on. I'm sure other people have done this too, but why strain your brain? Submitted for your perusal, a function to change startup properties (those that return string values, anyway) in an Access project. The code was written to run in either MS Access 2000, or MS Access 2003. (Anyone who is paying attention may notice that this is an adaptation of my other code to change the title of an ADP)
'Change a startup parameter -BWM 06-23-08
Function ChgStartupOpt(pPropName, pOldVal, pNewVal)
 On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

 Const conPropNotFoundError = 2455
 Dim strCurrentValue As String

 'Need to deal with "StartUpForm","Form.Login" -BWM 06-23-08
 strCurrentValue = CurrentProject.Properties(pPropName) 'retrieve or gen error -BWM 09-29-06
 If Len(Trim(strCurrentValue)) > 0 Or Len(Trim(strCurrentValue)) = 0 Then
  CurrentProject.Properties.Remove pPropName
  CurrentProject.Properties.Add pPropName, pNewVal
 End If

 Exit Function

 If Err.Number = conPropNotFoundError Then
  CurrentProject.Properties.Add pPropName, pNewVal
  MsgBox "Error #" & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
 End If
 Resume Next
End Function
Sample Calls:
ChgStartupOpt("StartUpForm","Form.Login","") 'turn the main menu off

ChgStartupOpt("StartUpForm","","Form.Login") 'turn main menu back on
The first sample call was used in a RunCode Action in a macro named "setStartMenuOff". The next action line in the macro was "Quit". The second sample call (to turn the main menu back on), was called from a macro called "setStartMenuOn". These macros were called from different points in a batch file using the "/x" command line switch in Microsoft Access. This has been a real help, because that startup form was getting to be a nuisance during multiple executions of the program to set up connection to the live data, change the reference for the library from an ADP to an ADE, etc.

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